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6 Mistakes Pro Bloggers Never Make – Believe me when I say I know that not all pro bloggers are the same. You know some of us kind of do certain things or like to do certain things a certain way. However, there are some mistakes that we almost never make or at the very least if we’ve made them in the past we try not to make them anymore.


#1 Mistakes – Never Create Unnecessary Content

Blogging Tips for Beginners
Blogging Tips for Beginners

Pro Blogger never produce unnecessary content. If I have a blog post idea and it doesn’t really kind of connect to my brand or my niche which I’m focusing on for a certain period of time then i don’t publish it and sometimes it’s actually harder than you think. Because, you’ll come up with a blog post idea and you’re like OHH!! this is so awesome. I should write this and then you look at your blogging business & you’re like uhhh it doesn’t really suit but uhh should I write it or shouldn’t I write.

If you are a really good example is like: If you are a knitting blogger and then recently you and your family went on the paleo food diet and it’s been just rocking for you. You’re just doing so well with it. You might kind of be tempted to create a blog post about it. But unfortunately it doesn’t really tie in with your brand. So it’s not content you should be creating. So, just resist the urge to create content that doesn’t totally match with your brand or humanize your brand or inspire someone in some way.

#2 Mistakes – Make Write Outside Your Niches

Blogging Tips for Beginners
Blogging Tips for Beginners

Pro blogger never write outside our specific niche now. This is linked with the first one where we don’t produce unnecessary content. That is we don’t add categories later on unless it really truly belongs there.

So again with the knitting example: If you want to start dipping into crocheting, I feel like that would be slightly closer because it is kind of a very similar hobby but if you want to bring in the paleo ideas and you want to start creating paleo content it just doesn’t mesh. So you’ve got to really ask yourself if somebody was to land on my website would that one person be interested in both things every single time. If the answer is no chances are you really shouldn’t be writing that kind of content.


#3 Mistakes – Neglects Their Email List

Blogging Tips for Beginners
Blogging Tips for Beginners

Pro Blogger never neglect our email list. We understand the true gold power of a subscriber list. The reason is very simple if you build a following on instagram or facebook or any social media platform you have that following while that platform exists. That platform doesn’t belong to you. Now, on the other side of the spectrum if somebody joins your email list they give you your email and that So, that’s something you have far more control over and it’s very powerful. Especially, if you’re running a blogging business and you’re going to be integrating different products within to your business which that’s a huge hint like you should totally should do that.


#4 Mistakes – Only Have 1 or 2 Source Of Income

The pro Blogger always have more than 2 source of income. So, you should never ever set yourself up in a way. Where you are depending solely on the ad revenue affiliate income or sponsorships and that’s it. kind of move throughout the year different things will fluctuate ad revenue fluctuates at different spots in the yearThe whole goal for you in so far as your income from your blogging business is to just try to make it as consistent as possible. There is no fun in making $10,000 one month and then $100 the next month. You don’t want to do that so you want to try to make things consistent and one of the best ways to do that is to have multiple source of income.

#5 Mistakes Pro Bloggers Never Make Forgot To Write Specific Income Goals

The Pro Blogger never forget to write very specific income goals. Umm but it’s a formula that I like to use to try to create very specific goals for myself to help me make as much money as efficiently as possible. Because, I don’t want to be a total sellout and just like focus on money. That’s it because that’s not something that is very uhh it’s not something you can really depend on in. So far as like building a structurally sound blogging business you have to focus on more than just that right. However, it’s really important to have very specific goals written down because that helps you push yourself very far. So, I have kind of in the past used maybe my personal goals and tied them in with my business goals.

I said okay we’re moving i want a really fat look juicy looking down payment what do I have to do to get there and then I will kind of tie that in with my business goals. I will look at the number and say okay this is the exact number I want to earn. So, what is it i have to do to get there you can’t just tell yourself i want to earn a lot of money. I want to be a full-time blogger you have to have a specific money amount because that tells you more realistically about how much work you’re going to have to put into it and that will help you attain your goals a heck of a lot faster because they’re more realistic.


#6 Mistakes Pro Bloggers Never Make Afraid To Go Outside Their Confort Zone

Pro Blogger never afraid to go outside our comfort zones. In the beginning I was like yeah no thank you. I don’t want to do that and then there have been many things in the past where i was just like the jive just is not for me. I’m just not into this like webinar thing or I just don’t like to do this or I just don’t want to do this. I don’t like it and so you have to just be real with yourself and say you know what if I want to run a blogging business. I want to be a professional blogger.

I’ve got to be willing to kind of go outside my comfort zone and try something new. Some of those things will work out and it’ll be really great for you and then some of them will not and you’ll never do it again. But hey at least you tried at the very least you are pushing yourself and just kind of being a braver person and when you do that you kind of discover what it is you’re capable of. When you can discover that honestly the sky is the limit.

If you guys like it then leave a comment below. What are some other mistakes that you think professional bloggers never make. I’m always curious to see and hear your point of view. I love hearing from you guys as always.

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