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1.This Abandoned Plane In Oregon Is Actually A Functional Home

Some of the most beautiful places in the world have fallen apart and crumbled over time. Whether they’ve been the victim of war, or simply taken over by Mother Nature, these global hot spots are truly awe inspiring in their destruction. Many of these abandoned beautifies are picturesque structures that once housed congregations and some are ships that transported supplies during the war.

However many of the photos on here show a less beautiful side of corrosion, with crumbling cars, and busted out villas that no one calls home. The places in these photos show a world that’s both mysterious and wrecked by the ravages of time. Scroll on and uncover the mystery of these abandoned areas.

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From above this looks like nothing more than a downed Boeing 727. How did it crash so perfectly, in what circumstances does a plane like this stay together? It turns out that the plane actually doubles as a home to a man in Portland Oregon who lives in the converted 727 for six months out of the year every year since 1999.

The plane has water, electricity, and sewage, so it’s not like the owner is roughing it. The planes owner, Bruce Campbell (not that Bruce Campbell) told Atlas Obscura:

When properly executed, the remarkable appeal of a retired jetliner as a home springs from the magnificent technology and beauty of the sculptured structure itself. Jetliners are masterful works of aerospace science, and their superlative engineering grace is unmatched by any other structures people can live within. They’re incredibly strong, durable, and long lived. And they easily withstand any earthquake or storm.

This photo is of Crystal Mill in Colorado

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Built in 1893, the Sheep Mountain Power House or Lost Horse Mill was constructed to use the force of the Crystal River in Colorado to power tools that were used to drill in to the Sheep Mount and Bear Mountain silver mines. Abandoned in 1917, the mill still intrigues viewers and brings in tourists from across the world.

Even though the mill is now a skeleton of its former self, it’s still a fantastic sight to behold. Wouldn’t it be a magical moment to watch the sun rise over the mill while you sip your morning coffee? Time to go to Colorado!

This plane is said to have belong to Pablo Escobar and used to smuggled drugs until it crashed near Norman’s Cay in north Exumas

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Nestled in the Bahamas is a small island known as Norman’s Cay. This island was once used as the HQ for the Medellín Cartel, a drug smuggling group run by Pablo Escobar. In the 1980s a Curtiss C-46 Commando that allegedly belonged to Escobar crashed in the shallows, although it’s unclear as to what lead to this ship going down.

The World War II era plane sits in such shallow water that its available for snorkeling as long as you don’t mind waiting for the right tide. One might even pretend they’re a drug kingpin while swimming through the water, just remember to stop by customs on your way home!

‘American Dream’ worlds longest limo, had a helicopter pad on the back

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Forget what it was like to ride in the American Dream, what do you think it was like trying to drive this thing? The world’s longest limo was 100 feet long, with a hinge in the middle to help it take turns. This bad boy came equipped with 26 wheels, a helipad, a jacuzzi, and you could even close off some of the sections to make private rooms.

Despite being a monument to American ingenuity, the American Dream didn’t get much use after it was constructed, and it was left to deteriorate in a parking lot. We’re sorry to see this wild invention hit the skids.

A few days after walking into this abandoned mansion the entire house collapsed.

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Abandoned mansions, you can’t live in them, and you can’t live without them inevitably collapsing. While this mansion looks like a primo spot for modern exploration, it turned out to be a death trap. The rotting insides of this gothic home gave out shortly after this photo was taken, leaving nothing on its wake but a pile of debris and the vines clinging to sun bleached brick.

It’s a shame that gorgeous old house like this fell apart, but hopefully whoever owns the land is able to build something new and sustainable on the grounds. Maybe something that’s a throwback to the look of this house, but that’s more averse to crumbling.

This very rare Aston Martin DB4 has been abandoned in the woods for over 40 years. Same car could sell at an auction for close to $500,000

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The car driven by super spies and Beatles alike, the Aston Martin DB4 is a relic of the grooviest of times. This model was built in 1960, and as of 2016 versions that were in immaculate condition were selling for as much as £350,000 at auction. However, this DB4 is a bit more special, specifically because it was found in the woods in Massachusetts.

After five decades of being pelted by rain, sleet, and snow the car has definitely seen better days, but its classic shape is unmistakeable. This groovy speedster is a truly fascinating find, hopefully it’ll be flying down the highway soon.

Abandoned Fishing hut on a lake in Germany

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Built on the waters of Germany’s Obersee lake, this empty fishing hut can be found in Berchtesgaden National Park, right along the border of Austria. While the park was established in 1978 as a way to sustain the magnificent beauty of the area, no one knows who built this homey little fishing hut, or how long it’s been sitting alone on a lonely lake.

Even though it’s somewhat submerged in the clear waters of Obersee lake, this hut could still be a fine place for fishermen to get together and tell tall tales about the big one that got away.

Lucy the elephant hotel, New Jersey

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If you slept in enough hotels then you know they’re all the same. The beds are fine, the carpet’s a little stained, and the view is usually nothing to write home about. But what if you were staying in a dilapidated, 65 foot high pachyderm? Then you’d be living the life. Lucy the Elephant is one of three elephant shaped buildings constructed by James V. Lafferty, however Lucy is the only one that’s still standing.

In 1976 Lucy was designated a National Historic Landmark, and after being refurbished she attracts tourists from all over the country. Unfortunately Lucy is no longer taking reservations for over night stays.

The remains of the Pegasus in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica

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Buried beneath the snow and ice of McMurdo Sound in Antarctica lies the remains of the Pegasus, a C-121 Lockheed Constellation that went down over the tundra on October 8, 1970. The 80 researchers aboard the Pegasus held onto their lunches as the plane went down amidst an ice storm, and luckily they all survived the ordeal.

The researchers stuck around the continent to go about their work, and the Pegasus has stayed in the ground near McMurdo Station ever since. If you make your way through the ice and snow you can even take a looksie, just remember to bring a parka.

Ferris wheel in Pripyat, Chernobyl abandoned for 30 years after the nuclear disaster

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Some amusement parks are dangerous because of their antique, wooden roller coasters, others are manned by grizzled carnies, and some are just soaked in radiation. The Pripyat Amusement park was meant to open for business on May 1, 1986, just in time for May Day, but on April 27, 1986 the nearby Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded, turning the park into a nuclear terror zone.

The amusement park still suffers from differing levels of radiation, but the Ferris wheel has some of the highest amounts in the park. However that hasn’t stopped some people from stopping by to take a look around the amusement park that never was.

The Moon Over An Abandoned Shopping Mall, Location Unknown

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If there’s one thing that America has an abundance of it’s abandoned shopping malls. These massive structures sit empty, like graveyards for commerce, or monuments to a time when people were certain that they wanted to do all of their shopping in one super structure. Many of these buildings were simply unsustainable, with their rents being too high.

Really what can you do with an abandoned mall? The buildings are only meant to do one thing, so many developers are faced with the choice of either refurbishing the mall or simply demolishing it and starting from scratch – neither choice is all that appetizing or cost effective.

The Rakotzbrücke Devil’s Bridge In Autumn

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The Rakotzbrücke Devil’s Bridge is an eye popping 19th century structure that can be found astounding visitors deep within Kromlau, Germany’s Kromlauer Park. This arched bridge makes use of its reflection below in order to appear as a nearly perfect circle. Construction of the bridge began in 1860, and the entire thing was built by hand, which is downright mind boggling.

You can visit the bridge today, and while you’re not supposed to cross it in order to make sure it remains standing many a brave adventurer has managed to make their way across this wonder of Germany. Good luck travelers!

Like many shipwrecks, the one near the Vila Nova de Milfontes has unknown origins

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When traveling to Portugal there are so many sun drenched activities to explore, but the one thing that you absolutely have to do is check out this shipwreck on the shores of Vila Nova de Milfontes, a village on the southern coast of the country. On the picturesque beach of this coastal town lies the wreckage of a mysterious ship that many believe to be that of Danish smugglers, although no one’s ever been able to suss out exactly who the boat belonged to. The mysterious origin of this wreckage makes it all the more enticing, as there’s always the possibility that someone could uncover the truth about this ship that’s run aground.

The Pavilionul de Bai, A Former Treatment House In România.

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This dilapidated structure was once known as the Pavilionul de Bai, a treatment center constructed in the early 20th century by architect Ernest Doneaud in Baile Govora, Valcea County, România. While in operation, the building made use of hydro and electrotherapy, which was quite ahead of its time in 1915.

Upon construction the building was shaped like the letter E, and it had 145 rooms. After opening, Doneaud planned to add an additional 19 rooms but his plans were halted by the outbreak of World War I. After the war the building was taken over by Communists, which lead to the downfall of this lovely structure.

Located high atop a ridge in the Smokey Mountains, the Swinger’s Tiki Palace began as a dream home idea of prominent strip club owner, Billy Hull.

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What better place to kick back and relax after a long hike through the Smokey Mountains than the long abandoned Swinger’s Tiki Palace? No, you be able to get one of those classic Southeast Mai Thai’s, and the service is non-existent, but this empty spot that once saw thoundsands of people is definitely worth checking out if you love tiki kitsch or abandoned dream homes.

The “Palace” was built in 1972 by Billy Hull, and the three bedroom, four and a half bath structure is decked out with idol heads, a Playboy themed swimming pool, and even a sauna. However after Hull was convicted in a murder-for-hire plot and a series of other alleged crimes, the house fell into disrepair.

Partially Sunken Ship in Roatan, Honduras

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Some countries just have all the luck, and when it comes to abandoned ship wreckage Honduras is one of the luckiest countries of all. The waters off of Roatan, Honduras are clear and blue, and they also happen to be littered with rusted out ships that are waiting to be investigated. Even though many of the ships were specifically submerged for scuba diving, that doesn’t make them any less fascinating.

The ships are all from different eras, with the largest of them being the Odyssey, which measures 300 feet from bow to stern. That’s a lot of room to explore, hope you’re ready to get wet!

Abandoned dome houses in Southwest Florida

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What better way to spend a vacation in Florida than sleeping in a dome over the ocean? Okay so there are probably at least 10 better places to stay in Florida rather than a dome, but in 1981 land developers off the southern tip of Marco Island thought that their modern escape igloos would be the toast of America’s south east.

This now abandoned collection of dome homes was meant to be a self sustainable, eco-friendly vacation destination. Unfortunately the ever changing Florida coastline refused to allow these homes to stay viable and they quickly eroded. The domes were purchased in 2001 by a developer with their sights set on refurbishing them, but construction costs were deemed too expensive and the project, along with the domes, was abandoned.

Swallows Nest Castle, Ukraine

Source: Reddit

When in the Ukraine and desperate to feel the rush of danger, visit the Swallow’s Nest, a castle precariously balanced on a cliff overlooking the Crimean sea. What got its start as a small wooden cottage in 1895 was quickly transformed into the imposing structure in the photo by Baron von Stiengel, a short lived Finance Minister of the German Empire.

In 1927 a massive earthquake struck the region, and although the Swallow’s Nest remained whole, the building remained closed for nearly forty years while renovators attempted to make the building less likely to fall into the sea. Once again open to the public, the structure remains as awe inspiring as the day it was built.

Aircraft Boneyard in Arizona

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These immaculately placed planes and fighter jets are a part of the Davis-Monthan Air Force Boneyard in Tucson, Arizona, the largest in the world and a must visit for any airplane aficionado. The reason the DMA is so perfect for storing “retired” plans is because it’s in the desert, which means that the Air Force doesn’t have to create new storage or lay down pavement when it’s time to say goodbye to one of these planes.

The boneyard started operation in 1946 when 600 B-29 Superfortresses and 200 C-47 Skytrains were dropped off at the base in order to be turned into scrap or held until the military went back into battle.

The Haunted Hotel Del Salto in Colombia

Source: Reddit

Just outside of Bogota sits the Hotel del Salto, an abandoned yet still extravagant complex that was once a hotel that housed the wealthiest travelers to the Tequendama Falls area. What began as a mansion in the 1920s became an 18 floor hotel in 1950, however the building went into disrepair in the 1990s and was essentially abandoned.

Supposedly the area is known to be major spot for people who commit suicide, and many travelers to this mysterious and empty hotel have reported that they’ve seen all manner of spectral behavior in the area. Whether or not that’s true, it’s clear that this the Hotel del Salto is a fascinating place.

Abandoned Rollercoaster, Nara Dreamland, Japan

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Even though the name “Nara Dreamland” brings to mind images of glittering lights, and roller coasters zooming along twisting rails at top speed, this Japanese amusement park no longer brings joy to anyone looking for an eastern answer to Disneyland. While it was still in operation, the park was somewhat of a mirror Anaheim’s Disneyland, and it even had a Main Street U.S.A and a Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

Even though the abandoned structures of Nara Dreamland have brought wonder to photographers who traffic in decay and ruin, in 2015 the entire site was demolished and no longer stands in Nara, Japan.

The Kerry Way walking path between Sneem and Kenmare in Ireland

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If you plan on hiking the Kerry Way then you should have a good pair of walking shoes ready, and keep a camera on your because this 130 mile walking trail is a gorgeous walk through the Irish countryside that begins and ends in Killarney. The Kerry Way passes through the lowest spots on the nearby mountain ridges, which means that you’ll pass through areas that were once home to rural Irish families.

While on the Kerry Way you’ll find plenty of magical sights like this stone home that once housed a family that’s now become a lush terrarium. It looks as if someone with a green thumb had the luck of the Irish when they stopped by this run down spot.

Plantation Estate, Virginia

Source: Reddit

In spite of its elegant appearance, the Selma Estate has fallen into distinct disrepair over the course of its hundred plus year time on this planet. Initially the building was a modest brick house just outside of Leesburg, Virginia, but in 1902 the entire property was built up to be a magnificent estate where Congressional parties were consistently thrown.

However by the late 20th century, Selma was falling apart and covered in weeds. However in 2016 Sharon Virts and Scott Miller began reconstruction of the property in order to bring it back to its former glory. And not a moment too soon.

Abandoned space shuttle at the Baikonur Cosmodrome

Source: Reddit

Even though the Russian space program isn’t what it used to be, the Balkonour Cosmodrome is still fully operational. However instead of taking part in the space race it’s being used as a spot for astronauts to head off to the International Space Station as well as storage for two shuttles known as the “Buran” as well as a single rocket.

CNN reports that the Buran space shuttle only had one flight in 1988 before the fall of the Soviet Union made space travel an unnecessary cost in the Russian government. Still, two of the Buran model shuttles are just waiting in storage for someone to take them for a spin.

London readers continue to browse at a bombed-out library, WWII

Source: Reddit

Throughout World War II London was put through hell when the Nazis began bombing the city on a regular basis. The Blitz, as it was known, forced many city dwellers into bomb shelters with their neighbors, and as terrifying as it was Londoners became somewhat used to the destruction. This photo shows just how normal it became to spend one’s day out in the city after a bombing by the Germans.

On September 27, 1940 the 17th-century Holland House was hit by a bomb and while much of it was destroyed the books remained intact, which is really the most important thing about a library, don’t you think?

Taxi Cab Graveyard In Chongqing, China

Source: Reddit

What happens to Chinese taxi cabs when they no longer serve a purpose? Well if they’re near Chongqing then they’re sent off to this taxi cab graveyard to rust and decay in the hot sun. Something about the arrangement of these cars makes them look like small bugs huddling up next to one another, maybe it’s just because we’re used to seeing car graveyards make us of straight lines.

It’s likely that while many of these cabs are parked here for the long run, they’re also being parted out whenever necessary. So if you’re trying to find a very yellow door you know where to look.

Submerged US WWII Lockheed P-38 Lightning discovered in Wales after 65 years under sand

Source: Reddit

In 1942 this Lockeed P-38 Lightning, most recognized because of its twin booms and central nacelle, went down off the coast of Wales while taking part in a training exercise. As it was in flight off the Gwynedd coast its engines cut out and it fell out of the sky, fortunately Lt Robert Elliott was able to pilot the ship to safety in the water and survived the ordeal.

While Lt Elliot managed to escape, the plane did not and it sunk into the waters off the coast of Wales. The wreckage was discovered in 2016 and it looks as if its time under the water has stripped away much of its luster.

Inside an Abandoned castle in Italy.

Source: Reddit

It’s almost impossible to imagine an entire villa falling into disrepair in the Italian countryside, an area known for its lush beauty and delicious food, but there are actually a lot of villas and castles near Milan that have gone uncared for, and some of them date back to the 14th century. Dark and damp, many of these abandoned castles and homes are crumbling, but they each have something special about them.

The cost of restoring an ancient home in Italy can be astronomical, so many of these abandoned castles sit empty and silent, waiting for someone to bring them back to life.

The stunning wreak of SS America who snapped her tow line in an Atlantic storm and ran aground off the Canary Islands

Source: Reddit

The SS America lead a long life before running aground off the Canary Islands. While being towed to Phuket, Thailand in order to become a floating hotel, the ship was caught in a massive storm in the Atlantic Ocean that broke the tow lines conncecting it to the Neftegaz-67, which was bringing the ship to the East.

The ship ran aground on the west coast of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, and it only took 48 hours for the ship to be broken in two by the surf. In 1994 the ship was declared a total loss and left to collapse in its final resting place.

Police Motorcycle Graveyard

Source: Reddit

Is there any cooler kind of motorcycle than the classic police issue bikes? The bikes featured in this photo come from the National Police of Puente Piedra, an area just north of Lima, Peru. Many of the bikes in this Harley boneyard have been auction or sold off for parts, some of them as cheaply as $1,300, which isn’t bad for a motorcycle, especially when you can turn a tidy profit with a little TLC.

Admittedly, the problem with this scenario is that you have to get yourself down to Peru and bike with the bike. However if you’re a motorcycle enthusiast and you’ve been looking for a vacation, this may be one for the bucket list.

Abandoned beauty during fall

Source: Pinterest

How stunning! This abandoned building looks to be a combination of a school house and a light house, or maybe the owners built the tower so they could keep an eye on their neighbors. Whatever the reason behind building such a lovely and tall structure, the original owners picked a fantastic spot to stick their dream building.

If you can make your way to this spot in the fall it’s probably the closest you can get to actually living inside an impressionist painting. Which honestly looks like it would be pretty cool even with all of the splotchy paint. Sign us up!

Shipwreck in The Red Sea

Source: Reddit

The Red Sea plays host to one of the most-dived ship wrecks in history, that of the SS Thistlegorm, a World War II era steamship that was delivering a shipment of equipment to British soldiers stationed in North Africa. Unfortunately, after shipping out of Egypt on July 2, 1941, the ship ended up stalled in the Sinai Peninsula.

On October 5, 1941, two German bombers were dispatched to the area with information that a large transport ship – most likely the Queen Mary – was in the area carrying troops. With nothing but the Thistlegorm in sight, the German’s bombed the ship to the depths of the sea along with nine of its 42 man crew.

Abandoned by humans, loved by Mother Nature.

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Isn’t it astounding what you can stumble upon just sitting in the forest? This train car was abandoned long ago either by a railroad company that stopped operating and left a car where it sat, or by a company that took a car away from a railroad line and dropped it off in the middle of nowhere. As this train sat, unclaimed and waiting to be absorbed by the Earth.

In spite of the corrosion and decay, this train car still has a classic beauty to it, and the addition of the vines and leaves only adds to the mystique of this once majestic train car.

Abandoned fighter jet

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Okay so how did a fighter jet just land in the middle of nowhere in more or less great condition? Did it fall straight down like it was in a Wile. E. Coyote cartoon? Or was the jet rolled out to the field as a final send off for a job well done? It’s most likely that this is a small section from an aircraft boneyard, an area reserved for obsolete planes that need to be disposed of.

If you get a chance to take a trip through one of these boneyards you should totally go for it, especially if you want to get something good for your Instagram, or if you need to salvage parts for your own personal jet.

Abandoned Glass Botanical Garden, a real beauty.

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Who would abandon a gorgeous Victorian glass botanical garden like this? It’s not just that the building is cool, the whole area has an amazing view. While not all of the plants in this green house survived, it’s likely that many of the indigenous plants in the building have flourished in their natural habitat.

This abandoned greenhouse looks like a steampunk’s dream, if only it had some a few gears turning inside. It’s honestly amazing that the glass inside the building has held up over the years, and to think, this greenhouse is just waiting out there for someone to discover it.

Abandoned Home In The Snow

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Who would abandon a gorgeous Victorian glass botanical garden like this? It’s not just that the building is cool, the whole area has an amazing view. While not all of the plants in this green house survived, it’s likely that many of the indigenous plants in the building have flourished in their natural habitat.

This abandoned greenhouse looks like a steampunk’s dream, if only it had some a few gears turning inside. It’s honestly amazing that the glass inside the building has held up over the years, and to think, this greenhouse is just waiting out there for someone to discover it.

Abandoned Hotel in Colombia

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This marvelous hotel was initially constructed in 1923 as a mansion for architect Carlos Arturo Tapias. The look of the building was modeled after a popular style of French architecture at the time. Five years later additions were made onto the mansion that turned it into a hotel for wealthy travelers that remained popular throughout the 1990s.

Local folklore says that the native people of Columbia used the falls where this hotel is located to evade capture by the Spanish. Supposedly they would jump and transform into an eagle before flying to their safety. Unfortunately because of this myth the area has become a prime spot for suicides in the recent decades.

Abandoned House, unknown location

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There’s something about an abandoned house that just jumps out and grabs you, isn’t there? Is it the questions about what the house used to hold, or is it the inherent fear of the unknown that draws us to the these structures that once held so much life. This house has certainly seen better days, but it still has an attractive air to it.

The vines that grip and grow across the frame look to be directly from a Victorian ghost story, and it’s likely that even with a lot of TLC that this house can never again be a home.

Abandoned Party Mansion just outside of Washington DC

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Woah, the last party that this mansion held must have been monumental. Mansions and impressive homes like this don’t simply abandon themselves, so there must have a been a reason for its inhabitants to clear out, leaving the place in the kind of mess that they did. Even though this mansion looks like it was gutted, the groovy skylight still remains, along with the ornate bannisters.

This is exactly the kind of place that’s begging for someone to move in and refurbish. With some elbow grease it might once again be the perfect place to party just off the beltway.

Abandoned Sanatorium photo

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Abandoned asylums and sanitariums from the 19th and 20th centuries dot the north east and rustbelt. Many of these buildings were constructed prior to modern medicine’s understanding of the need for good psychiatric care, which means that many of these buildings housed the mentally ill as well as criminals, and the unwanted.

By the 1950s and ‘60s reports of maltreatment brought many of these sanitariums to a close. They ran out of funding, their patients were moved elsewhere and the buildings were left to decay.While some of them have been remodeled, many of the buildings simply rest in the countryside and allow nature to reclaim the open spaces.

Abandoned Shack Surrounded By Wheat

Source: Pinterest

This home, left to drift away in a sea of time is a gorgeous example of the way that the world simply goes on in spite of human achievement. Regardless of whether or not we’re actually in the picture, the world continues to spin. It’s not clear how long this home has actually been abandoned, but from the looks of it no one’s been in the picture for quite some time.

At some point this house was probably owned by a hay farmer, and as maddening as it sounds to be surrounded by your crops, it must have been miraculous to look out a bedroom window every morning as the sunrise glistened across this golden ocean.

Abandoned theme park

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There’s something sadly beautiful about an abandoned theme park. Not only do these structures look amazing, but they bring wistful questions to anyone who sees a roller coaster like this, sitting in a desolate field of brambles without the the sound of clickety clack of roller coaster cars moving up the ramp or the joyous screams of children as they tear down one its drops.

Do people simply decide to leave these theme parks on their own or is there something that pushes them away? Regardless, even without a fresh coat of paint this abandoned roller coaster still conjures images of summer fun.

Abandoned Train somewhere unknown.

Source: Pinterest

This abandoned train has been rusted out and halted by time, but it looks like it’s about to start chugging along again at any minute. It’s truly fascinating that a vehicle like this could simply be left behind by its crew to fall into disrepair and be eaten up by Mother Nature. The crews loss is our gain, as this train is absolutely beautiful in its obsolescence.

This train is definitely made of sturdy material, and in spite of its rust it’s going to be out there in the woods for quite some time, a beautiful relic of a time long forgotten.

Abandoned VW buggie collection after a fresh snowfall

Source: Pinterest

Imagine walking through the woods on a winter day, the snow crunching under your feet as you bob and weave through the bare trees. Suddenly you come upon this, a graveyard of abandoned Volkswagen Beetles, all of them covered in heavy sheets of snow. There are a few of these VW boneyards across the world, most notably in Belgium.

The person who put this VW graveyard together must have a serious thing for Beetles, and some serious time on their hands. Maybe whoever “buries” these cars uses them for parts, or maybe they simply keep them here to surprise unexpecting travelers.

This Abandoned water park in Vietnam Is Crawling With Live Crocodiles

Source: Pinterest

The Ho Thuy Tien water park is truly one of the greatest abandoned wonders of the world. Opened in 2004 after the Company Hue Tourism spent $3 million to build only half of the entertainment venue, the water park’s greatest achievement was the three-story-tall dragon aquarium that rises from the park’s center.

Inside the dragon stood a staircase that was lined with tanks full of live fish and crocodiles, after the park closed the crocodiles supposedly began roaming the grounds. The park was in varied states of operation throughout the 2010s, but now it’s simply a spot meant to be found by backpackers and those journeying through the wilds of Vietnam.

An old WW2 plane resting in a hidden lagoon

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During World War II the US military flew a series of intense air missions over the South Pacific, with many planes lying in makeshift graveyards in the Pacific Ocean. Many of these planes have been forgotten, and even when people find them they’re treated more like a natural part of the ecosystem rather than a relic of the 1940s.

How cool would it be to take a canoe around around such clear water while a World War II plane sat directly beneath you? It looks like a wild trip. The people in this photo are definitely living the life. Sign us up!

Beautiful but abandoned in Sorrento

Source: Pinterest

This abandoned mill in the Sorrento Valley of southern Italy has been around for hundreds of years, but it finally shut down in 1866 after the construction of the Tasso square, which brought less people to the area. The mill fell into disrepair and overgrown with moss, which isn’t exactly the best condition for producing flour.

Even though no one’s using this building to produce flour anymore, that doesn’t mean that it’s not a hot spot for tourism. Anyone who makes their way to Sorrento should definitely take a trip to this long abandoned piece of beauty. Word to the wise, bring your own flour.

Dunk tank Abandoned undersea

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This tank definitely got dunked. How would you handle it if you were on a snorkeling adventure and came upon this tank sitting at the bottom of the ocean. Where did it come from? Did someone accidentally pilot it into the water or did it fall from a ship that was carrying tanks across ocean? This vehicle of war is truly a modern mystery.

While it’s likely that this tank will remain under the water for quite some time, it will definitely corrode until it’s more of an aquarium than anything else, still what a cool thing to come across if you’re a hermit crab in need of a home.

Little abandoned cabin in Iceland

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Iceland is a country that’s filled with little cottages and homes that have been left to the ravages of the nature, it’s just that Iceland’s nature is so much more picturesque than anywhere on Earth. Wouldn’t you like to take a trip out to the wilds of Scandinavia and hole up in a little house like this for a couple of months?

Not only does life move slower in a place like this, but the people are more laid back and the air’s a little cleaner. Even in an abandoned house like this one you could really find yourself.

Old mossy VW bus that was once someone’s home

Source: Pinterest

There’s something about the freedom of the open road that calls to us all, and if you’re driving one of these VW bay window busses then you can see the world while sleeping under the stars. As romantic as these vans are, if you don’t know how to fix one of these up then you’re in for a rough time – especially if you plan on taking it on a long road trip.

This van has definitely seen better days, but even though it’s broken down and busted there’s something strangely beautiful about the moss growing over this rusted out bucket of bolts. With a little elbow grease (and some deep cleaning) it would even make a nice place to stay for the night.

Shipwreck in Queensland, Australia

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Off the coast of Queensland sits a collection of scuttled ships that were initially placed north of Tangalooma Island to keep boaters safe, but in the years following their rescue they’ve become somewhat of a tourist attraction, drawing just as many people as the joy of recreational boating. Tourists can brave the current and swim across the wrecks, and snorkeling is even encouraged.

What a beautiful way to spend time down under, exploring the beauty of the open sea while checking out some very intense shipwrecks. Even if you don’t want to go below the equator, this photo of the ships is enough to instill wonder and awe.

Abandoned aircraft

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This eerie image of an abandoned plane yard is a mystery. Who build a boneyard for planes next to high rise apartments? Are they used for scrap or are the planes simply deteriorating in a field while its neighbors watch the progression of time from their windows? While there are only three planes in the photo, it’s likely that even more of these former air transports are littered along the ground.

These dead planes don’t offer any answers about their existence, but it would be fascinating to search through their carcasses with a camera and see if anything comes up.

Abandoned in Japan

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This house, abandoned and left to crumble in the center of a Japanese forest looks like something out of a dream. Dappled with moss and surrounded by ethereal trees, what’s left of this structure waits for hikers to stumble upon its bones and take a peak inside. It’s probably home to animals and decay, but from the outside it has the feel of something slipping in from another dimension.

The existence of this home brings with it plenty of questions? Who were these people who lived in the forrest? Why leave this lovely house to fall apart? And how long before Mother Nature covers the rest of this building in her loving foliage?

Abandoned roller coaster

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This abandoned roller coaster looks to be none other than one of the amusement park rides that were left to fall apart in an amusement park in Limbiate, Italy, which is about nine miles away from the fashion capital of Milan. The coaster was a part of “Satellite City,” a theme park that came about in the 1950s and all but died out in the 2000s.

Because it costs too much to simply take an entire amusement park apart – especially if it can be reused – the roller coaster as sat, unmoving, since the park shut down in 2008. Supposedly, the country plan to bring it back to life soon.

Chicago Illinois

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Wow. This abandoned dome in Chicago is truly breathtaking. It stands inside the south side’s most imposing structure, Hyde Park’s St. Stephen’s church. The building has been around for more than 100 years, and in that time its seen its fair share on congregations come and go. And while it sits empty for now, it still holds a sway over locals and travelers alike.

The former church was modeled after Boston’s First Church of Christ, and it was initially used by a congregation of Christian Scientists before they lit out in the 1960s, the building was briefly used by another congregation before it was completely abandoned.

Lightning over Abandoned Home. Nebraska, USA

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This perfectly timed shot is really something. It’s astonishing that the photographer was able to snag such an arresting image while trudging through a Nebraska field, hopefully while wearing plenty of bug spray. The former home that stands as the subject of this photo looks to be a standard early 20th century home, and it was probably used by simple farmers until they left it to be eaten up by the weeds.

While the lightning is truly astounding in this photo, the thing that makes the picture special is the house, which acts as a kind of center to bring everything together.

An Abandoned Mansion Nestled In The Woods

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This photo of an aged and decrepit mansion looks like something out of Francis Cord Coppola’s Full Metal Jacket. This incredibly symmetrical and massive home is surrounded by trees, so much so that it looks like the building is growing out of the forrest naturally. There’s no telling how many people lived in this building before it was abandoned, but it looks as if it could house an entire family comfortably.

This mansion was probably left to decay because it’s not sustainable to live in a home like this out in the middle of nowhere unless you’ve got enough bread to both maintain a home this size and pay for bills, food, and whatever else you need this far out in the countryside.

Abandoned shipwreck

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This ship, permanently without a crew and forever lost at sea gives brings to mind the feeling of being adrift at night, on a bed as you fall asleep. What brought this ship to spend its final days nearly overturned and floating listless on an unnamed body of water? Did the crew survive or were there members of the party who went down with the ship?

A lost boat on the ocean brings with it a set of mysteries that might make you want to seek out this ship and uncover its secrets. What could be inside this ship? Old equipment? Rations? Or simply relics from another time?

An abandoned home in San Francisco

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This little yellow home, squeezed in between two modern apartment buildings in San Francisco, is a textbook example of the way that families do their best to make due in a city that’s rife with overpopulation. Even though tiny homes like this look crazy, if you’re willing to put in the work they can be a lovely place to live.

That being said, it’s clear that the former inhabitants of this structure were really only interested in one thing – the color yellow. Other than that they don’t look to have taken care of the property, which has lead to its utter disrepair.

Phone booth graveyard.

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At one point in time, if you needed to call someone you couldn’t just whip out your cellphone and scroll through your contacts until you found who you were looking for, you had to fish a quarter out of your pocket and use a payphone to call your friend. As pay phones went the way of the buffalo they wound up in this phone booth graveyard in New York City.

This photo comes from a phone booth graveyard beneath the 135th Street and 12t Avenue train tracks, however they were removed some time around January 2014, possible to be broken down or to an even more secretive phone booth cemetery.

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