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Niche blogging is all about creating a weblog targeting a specific market with an aim to make money out of it by enticing readers to buy relevant products and services. In recent years, niche blogging has picked up pace and has emerged as a popular way to make money online. You don’t need to have deep pockets to start one such blog. All it takes is your time and dedication. Let’s see, how you can start from scratch to get the taste of this much-hyped way to make bucks on internet.

Deciding The Niche

Niche Blogging
Niche Blogging

You’re all set to launch a niche blog, but struggling to find the right market to tap on? Without any question, if your passion reflects in your blog niche, you’ll find things much easier than expected. You may find yourself blogging about a so-called saturated niche that may give you sleepless nights in the beginning. Or you may find yourself blogging about a topic that has no audience! Whatever is the case, there are some essential attributes to consider before you finalize your blog niche.

Content creation scope – 

Blogs are dynamic in nature and so does the expectations of blog readers. Regular content is one of the prerequisites for a successful niche blog. Choose a niche that inherently covers wide range of topics. This includes possibilities of branching-out to sub-niches at a later stage. If you are choosing a very narrow niche, you may be able to churn out laser-targeted content, but may run out of ideas in the long run until you are really creative and imaginative.

Profit potential – Whatever niche you decide to go with, profitability is the cornerstone for a successful niche blog. That’s what niche blogs are made for, and that’s what pumps life in countless niche blogs on web. Two major traits of a profitable blog niche are:

  • Large search volume on popular search engines
  • Large advertisers base on major PPC networks

Analyze the volume of search queries on major search engines to get a good idea of the amount of traffic looking for products and services related to your niche. If the search volume is very high, be sure the niche is highly competitive. Advertisers couldn’t resist themselves to leverage this highly targeted traffic coming from organic sources. Once you are assured of these two trends happening in your chosen niche, you can expect decent earnings right from the beginning of your blog launch.

Monetization Scope And Strategy

Niche Blogging

Once your blog is up and running, monetization seems to be the next obvious step. The most heated debate related to blog monetization is the timing to introduce ads on your blog. Some advocate to aggressively monetize from day one, while others prefer to defer any such plans till you start getting some decent traffic. There’s no harm in monetizing your niche blog right from the beginning, provided you start with limited amount of advertisements. A relatively new blog can’t afford to lose initial traffic just because of loud adverts scattered all over the web page. The initial phase has more to do with consolidating returning visitors and building loyal subscribers. Here are some common monetization options at your disposal that can earn you good money if implemented in a correct way.

Affiliate marketing

Niche Blogging
Niche Blogging

– is one of the most popular ways to make money on niche blogs. You can get the best results when your blog has earned enough reputation and your credibility is unquestionable. In-content affiliate links are known to perform best supported by persuasive copywriting. No matter what form or type of advertising is used, experimenting is the key to success.

Pay-per-click ads – is the most widely used form of advertising that is easy to implement with minimum fuss. Clever placements supported by great content can earn you decent money from PPC ads. Several popular niche blogs make big money solely from these type of ads. They are easy to implement, highly relevant and gel very well with the content provided you do it in a correct way. I’ve written about “Why PPC ads may not receive any clicks?” and how to improve your PPC ads click-through-rate.

Paid reviews

Are common on niche blogs. Once your blog reaches a certain level, you automatically start receiving paid review requests from relevant companies interested in reaching your audience to showcase their products and services. Here there are two things that need to be taken care of. First, how frequently you do paid reviews and, secondly, what products you are endorsing. Too many paid reviews in quick time will not only repel the visitors but may also result in a penalization from Google.

Direct ads – are yet another popular monetization option for niche bloggers. Unlike pay-per-click ads, direct advertising gives you complete control over pricing, ad formats and the products you want to endorse. Again, your blog should have enough traffic and feed subscribers to attract advertisers. Here’s a comprehensive guide to get direct ads for your blog.

Selling your own product/service – is the pinnacle of niche blogging. You don’t need to have thousands of subscribers or very high traffic to introduce your services. From day one, you can announce your products and services. Initially, you may struggle to get some buyers, but once you get about half-a-dozen, use their testimonials to prove your credibility for attracting more clients. For example, well known social media guru – Chris Garrett offers a hugely popular Authority Blogger course for budding as well as experienced bloggers. It’s a classic example of successfully launching a product through a niche blog and taking it to new heights.

Marketing Your Niche Blog

A product is as good as the marketing of the product. Almost all successful niche blogs have established themselves as a brand. Blog branding involves intuitive and clever marketing techniques supported by diligent networking efforts. Building trust, creating desire and offering solutions are 3 important steps towards building a successful niche blog.

Building trust – It is the most important element of successful Internet marketing. Creating affiliations with countless products and selling them successfully are two different things. People want reliable information from a credible source before they decide to buy any product or service. Build their confidence in you and witness your checks swell month after month. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Offer killer content.
  • Promote relevant and quality products.
  • Connect and acknowledge readers’ contributions.
  • Disclose paid reviews.
  • Share your success stories.
  • Present credible data about your performance.

Leveraging your network – Connections with peers, followers and existing clients is a goldmine that can be used to net more subscribers and buyers. Recommendations, testimonials, comments, discussions and votes are some of the examples that exhibit the power of networking and its importance in marketing your niche blog.

I’ll conclude with summarizing the essential elements needed to build a profitable niche blog. Write killer content, promote quality products and network, network and network. Here persistence is the key.

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