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Earn Money From Blogging


Living isn’t easy. But the best part is that it is simple to execute and will look great on your CV.To create traffic and a following, all you need is something fascinating to say and enough patience and effort. How do successful bloggers make money? We spoke with a few of them to learn more about how they make money.You can (finally!) start looking for ways to make money from your blog after it’s up and running.These are the best and most straightforward ways for a blogger to make money:

Use affiliate marketing on your Blog

Affiliate marketing strategy involves embedding carefully managed affiliate links into the content of your blog. You can earn a small commission. Every time a reader clicks through to a site you promote and makes a purchase.The links will take readers to a brand’s website, And the money you’ll get is a thank-you for getting some of your nice readers there.Almost every online e commerce site, especially Amazon, ASOS, and Apple Offers some type of affiliate programme.Join Affiliate Window, a massive affiliate network.That allows you to advertise thousands of well-known companies and services from all over the world.The purpose of affiliate marketing is to be genuine and honest. Write honest reviews and articles and only recommend a product or service .To your readers if you believe it is a good fit for them.

Include banner ads on your website.

 Earn Money From Blogging
Earn Money From Blogging

As a more visual way of advertising, you can sell banner advertising .Space on your blog page to brands that relate to your visitors.Advertisements can appear in a variety of places on a blog, but they’re most commonly seen.At the top of the page or in the sidebar.There are two ways for you to make money. CPC (cost per click) shows you’ll be paid a certain amount for each reader who clicks on the ad. Whereas CPM (cost per thousand) means you’ll be paid a set amount for every 1,000 ad impressions.Because of the popularity of Ad blocker plugins, CPC and CPM can be low, but this depends on your industry, and there’s no harm in trying them out.It’s simple to get started by signing up Google Ad-sense account.

Create sponsored content and advertorials

One of the best methods to monetize a blog, according to the bloggers we spoke with, is to offer sponsored content possibilities (or advertorials). These are effectively sponsored advertisements in the shape of articles or blog posts.


If Adidas, for example, releases a new swimsuit line and you run a women’s sportswear blog, they may offer to pay you to write a post about it. You might include some affiliate links .This monetization approach usually works effectively when you have a strong niche following. Once your audience has grown, brands will typically approach you to explore sponsored content.

A price is charged for sponsored social media posts

Earn Money From Blogging
Earn Money From Blogging

If you have a strong social media presence, brands will find you very appealing. Some people make their whole blogging income from sponsored pieces on social media. You have the option of charging per post/re-post, which might be rather costly.You’ll just have to work hard on growing your following first — brands look at your social proof,’ or how many people follow you on social media, as a proof that readers would enjoy what you say about them as well.

Contribute to media outlets’ blogs as a guest blogger

Members of the media (or even brands with their own blogs) may approach you if you’re an expert on a particular topic and ask you to make a cameo appearance on their website if you’re an authority on that topic.


A newspaper might contact you if you’re extremely knowledgeable about cooking on a budget, for example, and ask you to contribute some budget-friendly recipes to their cooking magazine.Don’t be hesitant to pitch magazine editors with ideas; if they don’t know who you are, a simple email introduction is a great way to get your blog’s name out there.

Engage the services of an agency to assist them in creating your blog

Believe it or not, blogging has become so prominent in the advertising world that there are now organizations. Completely dedicated to linking bloggers with major brands an agency. Can be extremely profitable and secure, but in order to be picked up in the first place. You’ll need to have a sizable following.


Because agency rates are so high, only the largest companies will afford to collaborate with you, while smaller independent businesses will be scared away.This may or may not be useful to you depending on the type of blogging business you want to start; for example, in ethical fashion blogging, agency fees may prevent you from working with the small independent designers you actually want to support.

You can sell digital items on your blog

Earn Money From Blogging
Earn Money From Blogging

If you have skills or advice to offer, another option is to charge a fee for access to e books, video tutorials, seminars, or workshops.You must be able to show that you are an expert in your subject or that your information is extremely useful to make this choice work. This will not be easy.Many people assume that everything should be free on the internet, thus persuading online groups to pay is tough. But what the hell, it’s worth a chance, right?



So now you understand how blogs generate revenue. There’s still a lot more you can do, such as putting advertisements to your website, offering services, and leveraging your blog to book speaking engagements, among other things.You’ll boost your chances of converting your blog into a money generator whether you try one of these suggestions or a combination of them. It’s time to make money from your passion.

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