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Twitter has emerged as a powerful micro-blogging tool. Almost every entity that has online presence is using twitter to network, promote and connect with others to grow their business. The power of twitter has triggered drastic changes in Internet marketing policies of many organizations. Building a strong twitter profile with thousands of followers takes time. On the other hand, you can ruin your twitter account in less than a week by some unwanted practices. Let’s see how people can deflate their followers count on twitter with ease.

Be A Tweet Noob

You heard about twitter from a friend and straightaway created an account. Now you are scratching your head, ‘What to do!’. Got some followers in a week and here you go, experimenting everything odd that comes in your mind, shooting direct messages and tweets that have no meaning for anybody. Great way to lose your followers. Be a twitter graduate before experimenting.

Mass Auto Tweet

Tweeting is all about talking with real people who wants interaction with a human being not a bot. There are many tweet scheduling services like Twuffer than can be used for auto-tweeting. All you need to do is to select the group of links and the victims (Your followers). Create a mass auto tweet schedule and rest assured of losing all your followers.

Tweet About Everything

Twitter Followers
Twitter Followers
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Whenever someone follows you, he scans your twitter profile and creates an impression about you before pressing the follow button. For example, my twitter profile gives an impression of a person who will tweet about bloggings tips and social media marketing techniques. When someone is following me, he is expecting to get relevant tweets from me as mentioned in my profile. What will happen if I start to tweet just about anything under the sun?

Get Involved in Twam (Twitter Spam)


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One of the best way to lose your followers is to use twitter as a hard core marketing tool. Sending direct tweets about selling your products to your followers is the most annoying and irritating experience for them.

Sell Your Twitter Account

Twitter Followers

You worked hard and created a decent twitter profile with thousands of followers. Suddenly one day you announce to sell your twitter account. Now at this point, about 5-10% of followers will immediately stop following you. Rest will use the wait and watch policy. If the deal is matured, a large number of followers will leave your twitter stream.

Create One Way Traffic


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Entertaining the followers tweet is an essential part of creating a strong twitter profile. If you create a one way traffic by just shooting endless stream of tweets without responding to any of the tweet of your followers, they will eventually un-follow you.

Monetize Your Twitter Stream

How about getting an ‘ad tweet’ from your fellow twitter after every 5 tweets he posts? Not feeling good? Well, most of us have the same feeling. Services like Magpie monetizes your twitter stream by atomically inserting ad tweets in between your regular tweets. What a wonderful way to kill your twitter account.

Take Long Breaks

Consistency is the key to a strong twitter profile. Taking long breaks and frequently changing your tweeting time at odd hours leads to decline in followers count. Create a tweet agenda and stick to it.

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