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As You know that in todays century people are becoming more intelligent and more advance
same like our technology is also becoming advance day by day and people are inventing new apps and news things that make people life easy and fast . And In today times the businesses also become advance because its developing new thing and expericencing new challenges .
People starting their business on online its give them new oppoutunities and new exposure about things that they dont know about it .

Just like students or young youth want to be an independent and solely support themselves who want to work hard and they are determined on doing it . For those students or younger people who are in their early 25 they can easily search for online job and can earn a certain amount of money .

●《Whats points we will diiscuss in this article》


● 《 What Is Amazon 》

As you all know that amazon is an American International app or we can say that its also an website . Its also called a brand too which play a vital roles on e commerce , digital streaming and computer intelligence . Its also an influential , cultural and world largest marketpplace and online retailer . Amazon is also gained alots of reputation of a well established industires through its advance and innovative technologies

● 《 What Is The Uses Of Amazon 》

Amazon is an online shopping website or you can also called an app or a software where the people order their books , CDs , dresses , music albums and music instruments , beauty products , kitchen items , videotapes , all the gorceries , furniture for industries , scientific supplies , Jewelry , watches , wallpapers and many other things things . Its a world wide range buy and sell products websites . In Amazon you can see alot of subsribers . Above two million subscribers joined Amazon and also taking it full use by ordering their daily use items .

So we get to know about amzaon and what its uses now . We talk about how we start a business on amazon . Like how other people sell their items or how they open their stores on amazon .
How much its cost them or is it worth it to open your store on amazon . And how to get customers on your stores . In this article we will tell in in detail so if you have any doubt this on Amazon then your confusion and doubts all will go in bin and you will start your online amazon business easily .

● 《 What Is FBA 》

As I mentioned it above that what is amazon and whats its uses now we talk about the things which customers ordered . How customer ‘s wares are packed and by whom they are safely delivered to customer ‘s home . Now here is the 3 alphabets that we will talk and know about . What FBA stand for FBA means Fullfillment By Amazon
its means that a store and shipping services that Amazon website provides to the seller to helps them to grow their business by selling their products on his website . This way the businesses stores their product on Amazon for fullfillment centers so if any customer make a purchase or order something so Amazon handle their order by receiving , packing , shipping their order safely .


Amazon handles your products and deliver your product to your customer by in 7 steps

1 ) First one is that seller send their product to Amazon website .

2 ) After Amazon procures the product then amazon stores that products on their website

3 ) Then from there customer Place order from Amazon website


4 ) After that Amazon received their order they start preparing customer ‘s order

5 ) Then before the percel go from amazon ware house they confirm customers order again from them this way customer get a confirmation about their order

6 ) After Confirmation amazon ships the order

7 ) This way customer receives their percel

How to register

There are also two sales plans and they are also called individual and professional but you can think of them as standard and premium. Amazon also gives you the flexibility to sell one thing or sell thousands. Then before you register, you have to decide which plan you want to improve people’s business. And the individual type of plan, the cost of which is  0.99, while the profession. Vendors are the sellers who use the plan. They pay 40 per month. No matter how many things they sell or if they don’t sell anything in a month, they This fee has to be paid. If they sell more than 40 items a month, then the professional option makes a lot of sense. Whatever scale you choose, don’t worry about making the wrong choice. You can change any plan at any time.

Listing your first product

For Product B on Amazon, you have to make a list of the first products that are available. If Amazon has already sold every product that you have, then you have to make a new list. This is a special kind of way of coding and listing the product of the person who is already selling the product. The plan is to sell them, depending on the size of the product. To put it simply, product sellers have a third party system. Together with them, these people also use bulk uploading or inventory management for their products. They have the option to list it in large batches, while the individual sellers make the same list at the same time.

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